The Happiness Wagon

Where science can take you to your happy place


Welcome to The Happiness Wagon, where we collate the best of scientific evidence to create usable tips on living a happier life.

Collated as a hobby by Anna Brown, an Osteopath by trade, writer by hobby and optimist by nature, and proud owner of Health Pro Discounts, a place where Health Professionals can share knowledge, get marketing resources, and save money on their shopping. Appointments can be made with Dr Anna at

Having collected research on happiness for years as a personal interest (nerd alert!), I found that when patients asked me for the science behind happiness, I often had some kind of answer sitting on a PDF file in my documents somewhere. Rather than keep this hard work to myself, I thought I would start sharing it with the world in an accessible way and try to make the world a better place, one hot chocolate* at a time.

*hot chocolate, at this stage, has not been scientifically proven to bring about happiness or world peace. But I’m working on it.

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